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The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console with the original model number CECH-2000. Produced by Sony Computer Entertainment it fixed many issues of the original (fat) Playstation 3. It was released on September 1, 2009.

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Is it possible to connect to PS3 hard drive to PC?

My PS3 got the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death).. I was able to obtain a used PS3 and I'm trying to get into my old PS3 to get the game saves off of it and save it into an external hard drive... My problem is that my PS3 only turns on for a second. To fix the issue, i would have to get a new motherboard (which is about $100).

Is there a way to connect my PS3 hard drive to my computer and copy the files over?

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Hi! Are the 2 PS3s you have the same? If so, you could simply move the hdd from one to another.


This may be beyond the skills of most, or rather they may be hesitant to make an attempt, but this has worked for me on 2 occasions with 2 different ps3 consoles. Read on...

After getting the YLOD, I stripped the device down to the motherboard. I then cleaned off the thermal paste from the GPU and CPU. I turned on my oven and preheat to 150F, after temperature was reached, I placed the motherboard in the oven for 10 mins. After that period, I placed it on the countertop and let it cool off. I then proceeded to reapply new thermal paste on CPU and GPU, reassembled the console, and my problem was fixed. I have not had any problems since.

And no this is not a joke, I have had favorable results both times I have used this method!

I have read on this method on a few forums and from my understanding, it "refreshes" the circuitry on the motherboard.

Hope this helps!

Complete project took me under an hour, good luck!


be careful putting hdd from one console to another ive done it before and its said i cant do anything until i format it, my advice is get ps plus as can back up save files onto the ps cloud or if cant afford plus put save files onto a usb and save them to a different cloud like dropbox or google drive and ull always have a back up. Hope ive helped u.

does anyone know if there is a way to put firmware onto a 2.5 hdd from a compuyter or does the console it self have to do it?


Hi David A.

Please I found your post very interesting. I have a no display problem and don't know if it will work with your method. My question is, when you placed the mother board in the oven, where did the cpu and gpu face? Did they face downwards or up wards? Your response will be deeply appreciated. Thanks


Honestly -.-' im surprised baking your console's MB in an oven didn't just &&^&^$^ destroy it, but for those of us who already know tinfoil hats wont protect our @%^!* from being probed, simply changing the thermal paste can somtime's fix a YLOD because old thermal paste transfers heat less effectively resulting in an heatsink that cant dissipate heat as effectively

best way to test if its your thermal paste that needs to be replaced is just by letting your PS3 cool off and if it works normally after cooling down for about an hour you know its most likely the thermal paste that needs to be replaced... personally i had to replace the thermal paste for my stations heatsinks about 3 times in their lives


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JN. According to the attached links, it is possible to connect to PS3 hard drive to PC. Check the attached links,instruction and guides, Good luck

"I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I'll try this! Thanks


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There is no possible way yet to recover data from a ps3 formatted hard drive. The data is encrypted in a way that only the ps3 that formatted it can read the data

This is why psplus online backups are crucial if you don't want to lose game saves and other ps3 related content.

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this is why everyone's switching to PC... when they originally launched the PS3 i could swap drives freely between playstation's i remember having to buy a new PS3 every 2 or 3 years cause DCUO and Defiance are soo hard on the system's hardware i remember being able to unbox my new ps3 and slam my old drive right into the &&^&@* turn it on and all my $@$* was exactly the same as the old system... &&^&^$^ retarded watermarking system for drives was added later on and really started &&^&^$^ me with no mercy and no lube cause by that time i had like 6 different HDD's filled up with games alphabetically ordered....


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It is now possible to get the information off of the hard drive.

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This is just a couple of links, what exactly am i looking for?


These links are way over my head! Has anyone taken this research and built a program we can use to access PS3 drives?


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