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Turn signal flasher location on 1987 Ford pickup

I replaced the headlights on my 1987 Ford pickup and ordered LED bulbs to replace the standard 1157 bulbs. When I inserted the LED bulbs and turned on the ignition, the turn signals would blink slowly, very slowly. I also ordered a LED flasher for my truck but cannot locate where it goes. Can you help? Another question I have is,....are LED bulbs brighter than the blue tipped bulbs? Is there anything that needs changing in order to use these LED bulbs? I also purchased a clear LED bulb for my turn signal light instead of an amber bulb. My thinking was that it didn't really matter since the turn signal itself is yellow. Will that work well or should I use an amber bulb? Lastly,.... one of the headlights tends to not be high enough when shining upon the road and causes the inside of the housing to be a whole lot brighter like it's reflecting off of the aluminum casing it's housed in. How do I adjust the light to reflect properly onto the road ahead of me instead of it shining downward?

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Thank you for your response and I would like to add that the direction of the headlight I have found is adjustable with a long adjustment screw that runs from the bottom of the fixture to the top and has a hex head. I experimented with the old fixture and found that it raises or lowers the facing according to which way you turn it. The only thing I noticed other than that is that the bulb retainer that came with the new fixture was slightly loose compared to the old bulb retainer so what I did was I added plastic taping like the kind you use on water hose connections to make them not leak and it helped considerably to tighten up the bulb retainer connection to the back of the fixture. I preferred to take this simple approach first before I started adjusting any screws on the fixture itself. After all the truck is 28 years old and things change even though they look identical to the old fixture. Thanks for your answer concerning the flasher location inside the cab of the truck.


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jkc11 the relay should be in the fuse panel above the drives side foot well.

Block Image

As for your LCD bulbs we would need to know where you got them from i.e. make and model of the bulbs.

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Thank you so much for the diagram showing how the fuse box looks and where it is located. Very helpful indeed!


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