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The Samsung Galaxy J1, released January 2015, model number SM-J100VPP/SM-J100H.

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Why is my screen not turning on?

My brother dropped it in a little bit of water amnd its making all of the noises but the screen is just black. It turned on like the screen turned on and like the next second it just turns black I put it in rice hopefully that will help, but pretty much my whole life wads on that phone please please please please someone help me in dying in side it won't turn on.

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Please someone help me I will be externally greatful, God bless you


Paano ma wala ang screen ko na hindi ma turn on kpag nka screen off na po. Please help


Im asking is there any way i can turn on my screen rotate of j1 Samsung besides screw the screen down? ????


Please help me on my problem my samsung j1 not turning on it stuck only in a samsung page and after a minute it is heating I don't know why. Please help me it almost 1½ days my phone like this so please help me.???


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Hi Sadie,

Do not try to turn your phone on/press buttons! This sends electricity through the wet circuit boards, which can cause more damage and corrosion. Additionally, using the rice method for fixing water damage is not very effective. Rice doesn't do much of anything to dry out your phone, and it wastes valuable time!

Take a look at this guide for suggestions on how to more effectively fix your phone: Electronics Water Damage

This guide may help you get started on taking your phone apart, if you choose to do so.

Samsung Galaxy J1 / J100 Touch Screen & LCD Replacement

Good luck!

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Omg thank you sooooooooo much I don't know how to even thank you,god bless


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Seen ez dot

Can see

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For is broken and I've started the iPad


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