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Remount an extended battery as single batteries?

I have this extended battery dismounted. Is there any way of assembly as single batteries ? I have simple put the connector together with the battery and was working, but when I take off to try another one, it stopped working.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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garrincha07 how did you connect it? What battery is it? What device does it go into?


Hi, oldturkey03. It was a ZeroLemon for Galaxy S3

It worked for over three years. But it began to be charged only up to 60% in recent weeks. Never passing this mark. As the black cover was destroyed, the white plastic that involved broke on the side.

After opened, one of the batteries was really stuffed, so I think that one was the problem.

Than, I used one battery with the eletronic conector and the red plastic. put back on the phone, charge and use normaly. I decided test the other one, but didn´t work.

I just put the eletronic conector in the red plastict and fit on the battery. But It is not working anymore.



I have already a new one, but it would be nice to have one or two batteries as reserves.

The circuit is working because depending on how I put, it works. But I do not know the right way to fit and weld. So when I move, everything loose, and stops working. If has any pictures of the correct way to fit the circuit the battery would be very helpfull.


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@garrincha07 sounds to me like the circuitry of the "smart battery" is not longer working. Remember that these batteries also provide feedback about their charge etc. I'd get a new battery.

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