An upgrade of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, the Advance SP was released, in North America, on March 23 2004 with a square structure and clam-shell design.

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How can I repair my broken screen?

the screen is broken. where can i go to repair it?

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CreePerk that is a depends on where you live question. Best you can do is to check your favorite search engine and see who does it in your geographic area. If you are up to it, you could even do it yourself. You'll need a few items:

2) Small Philips head screw driver

3) Small flat head screw driver

4) Tri-wing screw driver

5) Clean work space where small screws will not get lost

6) About 15 minutes of free time

Follow these GameBoy_Advance_SP_Replacement_Shell_Ins.pdf instructions to remove your LCD

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Thank you, but I still have a question.

Where can I buy a screen for GameBoy Advance SP ?

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