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The Dell Inspiron 1750 is a laptop computer, complete with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, released in 2009 by Dell Inc.

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Laptop screen is blank with 7 short beeps

My Dell inspiron 1750 is having issues it won't start up when the power is on it either shuts off after it turns on or it stays on than the screen stays off And the laptops BEEPS 7 short times as Nd it's continuous keeps going on please Answer please help

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Non of them worked still doing the same thing any more suggestions


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Hey @xphoenix, there's two ways you can try to fix this:

The odd, but easy way:

-Follow this tutorial (It may look odd but people reported this actually working)

The more technical way:

-Follow the detailed instructions stated by @oldturkey03 in this post: 7 beep at startup

-Let me know how it goes

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