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Fourth generation of the Toyota Pickup.

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were is fuel pump at

were is fuel pump located

Update (06/27/2016)

were is fuel pump on 1986 toyt pick-up

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@toodles1234 okay lets try this. It does sound like you are looking for the fuel pump location on a 1986 Toyota Pickup. You need to tell us what engine your Toyota has. Remember that all '75-'87 20R-22R engines have carburetors. The '84-'87 22R-E engines have fuel injection and models with 22R-TE engines have fuel injector plus a turbocharger. on a '80-'87 20R and 22R engines the fuel pump is bolted to the right front corner of the cylinder head. Three hoses are connected to it. ON 22R-E and 22R-TE engines, the fuel pump is mounted inside the gas tank.

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The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank, and the tank must be lowered to access it. The fuel filter is located on the engine block, passenger side, underneath the intake manifold, above and to the front of the starter.

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If it's the r22e it's in the tank. That's the fuel injected engine.

If it's just the r22 it's on the front (don't remember which side) of the engine timing chain cover.

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