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The InFocus LP540 is a digital projector, which provides video and computer inputs. It has a XGA 1024x768 resolution. The repair requires screwdrivers and other useful tools.

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Projector will no longer select source

Projector was fine just using video but now comes on ok but just keeps coming up with caption searching . I have checked output source and leads and they are fine . I have manually gone to video 2 and pressed select but still no joy . Can I reset this I have no pin code ? Any suggestions would be appreciated . Thank you.

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I have the same issue with an infocus LP540. The input on the projector is dvi and the computer end is vga. Resolution is 1024 by 768. It selects on computer one but there is no image despite the computer being set for duplicate. No joy. Was very happy with this projector until this happened. Tried factory reset. No joy there either.



My C160 /540 just did this too. I was watching The Matrix and doing a calibration in the service menu and all of a sudden the screen froze and then it didn't detect my laptop anymore :(. It just searches and then goes to the splash screen.

BTW anyone know what source to feed it for the AD Calibration in the service menu?


I'm going to try to update the firmware.


My Projector literally wont project anything. we’ve tried everything but int just wont project. does anyone have any ideas before we get rid of it?

- Jimmy


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Turn off the auto source selection in the projector menu. It is a catch 22. Many new laptops will not engage a secondary desktop or cloned desktop until they "see" a monitor (or projector) sync signal. If the projector is auto searching, it is also trying to verify there is a sync signal present. You can see where that could go on for infinity.

Once you've turned the setting off, select the input you are actually connected to manually (remote or projector menu). Once it is on and set only to that input, use your computer to turn "on" extended desktop or cloned desktop using the graphics card software (do NOT rely on F8 to work since it can sometimes be disabled in the software).

Also, make sure your desktop resolution is a setting the projector actually understands. Many new laptops are capable of much higher resolutions than the projectors. Start with 1024x768. This is almost a universal resolution for all projectors unless it's REALLY old.

Last, verify you are using the right cable. Older DB15 connectors are missing the sync pins needed for newer laptops and projectors (ie SVGA cables are a no go).

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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Hello, I have a similar problem.

I have a viewsonic ls740hd projector. Laptop is connected to a 2nd monitor via HDMI extender and a cat6 cable to the receiver and hdmi cable to the projector.

Its been working fine for the last 5 months that we've had it, and all of a sudden - no source found.

checked all cables, checked connections, tried different cables, tried different laptop, and different hdmi extenders, still no joy!

there isnt any firmware or software available for the projector that i know of either. Tried all i know.

anyone know how to fix this ?? I've tried the above method too, no joy!

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