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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Stuck on "charging, please wait"

So i have an either 80 or 60 gig ipod {there's paint on the back so i cant see or remember} and at first it was stuck on the Big red X, someone recommended that i let it discharge all the way cuz i already tried hitting it so the needle bounces back or something, but that didn't work. So i let it die, plugged it into my computer and now it's stuck on the charging please wait screen.. i let it charge over night, that didnt work, i tried reseting it but all the happens is it turns of and says connect to power, then shuts off again. What do i do?? and why do none of these quick answers work for me but they seem to work for everyone else!?!?!?


well i charged it over night and it hasn't done anything new

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I take it you're no longer getting the Red X. If the following fails to work, it's time to replace the battery.

If iPod classic displays a “Connect to Power or Charging, please wait” message

This message may appear if iPod classic is exceptionally low on power and the battery needs to be charged before iPod classic can communicate with your computer. To charge the battery, connect iPod classic to a USB 2.0 port on your computer.

Leave iPod classic connected to your computer until the message disappears and iPod classic appears in iTunes or the Finder. Depending on how depleted the battery is, you may need to charge iPod classic for up to 30 minutes before it will start up.

To charge iPod classic more quickly, use the optional Apple USB Power Adapter.

Note: Connecting iPod classic to a USB port on your keyboard won’t charge the battery, unless your keyboard has a high-powered USB 2.0 port.

Before replacing parts, get the paint off it and make sure of your model number. This is the battery part you will probably need: iPod Classic (Thin) Battery

This is a very difficult procedure so you might want to take it to a pro, but here's how to do it: iPod Classic Vervanging van de batterij

iPod Classic (Thin) Battery Afbeelding


iPod Classic (Thin) Battery


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A firewire cable can also help jumpstart an iPod.


I did this battery repair once and it was fairly simple. I would definitely recommend trying it if you want.


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I had this exact same problem and I figured out all by myself how to “force” power into the battery, haha! Instead of leaving it charging forever, plug it in and out and repeat that a few times. This should force enough juice into the battery to allow it to stat holding a charge again.

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I read up on trying to boot to disk mode by opening iTunes and connecting the iPod, then holding down the menu and centre button for 10 seconds. The iPod went from the "charging please wait" screen, to black, back to the "charging please wait" screen, I continued to hold the buttons and then the screen went black. iTunes recognised there was a faulty iPod connected and would attempt to restore it but the iPod wouldn't stay connected for long enough. I imagin this is because the battery wouldn't hold a charge at all. So then I tried the above technique and I finally got the Apple logo screen of the bootup! Now iTunes has restored it and it seems to be working again, with the same battery now charging correctly. Hope this helps.


Oskar, How long between unplugging and plugging it in do you wait.


disconnect the battery cable, remove the iflash, remove the sd card, then reconnect the iflash, add the sd card and finally connect the battery cable , should be working now, if not repeat the process but this time format the sd card in another computer.


So you're telling me to charge my iPod by &&^&^$^ it?


Yeah, just plug it in, wait a second, unplug it, wait a second, and repeat that for a few minutes. That should force enough charge into it to allow it to charge normally (just plugged in). The rough science behind it is that there's a power surge when you plug it in. That surge only happens when you plug it in. If you leave it plugged in, the surge drops to a "normal" level. So by repeatedly plugging it in, you're exposing the battery to that power surge over and over again, forcing power into the deep discharge battery. Once that's happened a few times, it will be able to hold a charge, as well as charge normally. Batteries which are in such a state of depletion won't charge normally.


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I finally solved this issue after soooo many google searches. When I reinstalled the battery - the ribbon was on backwards than what appears on most videos. Check the batter ribbon placement. I thought the same “ooo Its an old battery” so I waited for a replacement. Replacement battery had the same issue of “Charging, Please Wait” It wasn’t until I flipped the ribbon before my fixed ipod Gen 6 started to work again (I am using iFlash Quad)

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Can you send me a good video to see the proper position of the ribbon?


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