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Released November 2013, Model Number RCT6077W2, 4GB Storage, 7" Touchscreen.

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How to replace screen

help..the screen is cracked and needs do I order one and do that?

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Here's the guide on replacing it: RCA RCT6077W2 LCD Replacement\\If you just broke the glass here's the part:

Here's a video on taking it apart:

Here's one on putting it back together:

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Couldn't do more unless you did it for them +


@jimfixer - I can do that too ;-)


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This is one of those tricky cases. On the first hand, you can pick up a near mint working one from ebay for $50 or a new one for about $80 off of Amazon.

You'll have to decide if you want to order a replacement screen, have adhesive to adhere the new screen, pay shipping (and hope you don't have to return a defective screen paying shipping) and tax and then repair it (see Mayer's great links above).

And on this model, it's easy to rip a cable -- and that particular part can be hard to find and wind up paying more money. However, if you've broke down and repaired tablets / phones in the past, then it may be worth the parts, shipping and time.

Not being a "negative-Nancy", but, when it comes to $50 tablets, I approach these repairs as charity cases --

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Lurch - I gave the link to the part + shipping for under $10.00


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