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Cuisinart Griddler GR-4N a five-in-one kitchen appliance to be used as a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle or half griddle .

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Why is the device shutting off unexpectedly?

The device has shut off while in use more than once without indication as to why. What can I do to address this issue?

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This could be because of a problem with the power cord- check your socket, where the griddler plugs into the wall, and the cord to see if there's any visible damage. You can check out this troubleshooting guide for some possible fixes!

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When the griddle is warming up , it is dripping. (Whole house line is dripping off )

I checked all the lines has no problem.

I am using the same machine, no problem, but In India, Tvm,headache for me.

Please sujjest something to get rid of this problem

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Same. We use ours in multiple different locations. We use it in the kitchen, in the deck and at many different campgrounds. Same exact issue. Will run for 15-30 minute fine. Turn off for 5+ minutes. Can’t turn it back on. Then randomly turn itself on. Have been dealing with this for 18 months at least since we first bought it. Super frustrating. No ideas.

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Me too! Finally realized the problem is with the thermocouple that is connected to the temperature control to prevent it from overheating. When the griddle reaches the desired temp, the thermocouple tells the thermostat to turn the power off and it does exactly that! Problem is; when the temperature falls below the desired temperature, it fails to turn the power back on. Mine has been replaced three times and all four of them had the same problem and the factory will not sell me a new thermocouple.


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