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Repair information for the second iteration of the Aspire S7, the S7-392. This is a premium 13" ultrabook laptop computer made by Acer.

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Keyboard Space Bar not woking one side


We all know the keyboards on these aren't the best. I have a spacebar that wont work on one side. I would like to lift it off and clean it or see if it is broken.

The keyboard is very flush and I am paranoid of breaking it. The laptop is a money making device.

Do you know of a repair guide for this keyboard or one that is the same. I just need to see before I start poking

Regards Simon Thompson

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Try using a USB keyboard until you get a replacement keyboard. Fixing keyboards is not for the fainthearted. The preferred method is to replace them outright as you can introduce more problems than you solve in trying to fix them.

Here is a link that shows how to replace a keyboard on an Acer S7. Hopefully it is of some help.

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Hi Jayeff,

Thanks for the input. I have looked at the video and a couple others doing tear downs of the S7 and managed to get a hold of the service manual.. Not for the faint hearted indeed. The keyboard itself is clearly a membrane with keycaps. No fixing there.

I'll engage Acer (minimum 2 week turn around) but I'll let them dig into it properly and cover any mistakes made on a very tight chassis.

Thats again.

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Hi @sciversimon

Apologies. Was a bit too focused on 'repairing the keyboard that forgot to mention the other option of 'remapping'. You may prefer this to avoid downtime.

Re-map the spacebar key function to another 'less used' key.

Here is a link which explains the concept. If you Google 'remapping faulty key - Windows' you will get more results which may suit you better.


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