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Repair information for the second iteration of the Aspire S7, the S7-392. This is a premium 13" ultrabook laptop computer made by Acer.

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Some keyboard characters do not work!

''Hey Everyone

I bought my Acer S7 from Iraq and i am now in the U.S.

I accidentally spilled a small amount of water on my computer's keyboard and i left it tuned on and plugged in. At first the computer started to write by itself random characters, but then it stopped from typing by itself and some characters of the keyboard started to stop working. Some of them work but the others don't, i hope that someone could help me in solving this problem because i really need my computer's keyboard to work normal.

Would lifting the battery and putting it down help in making the keys work back again although it is not a numlock or sticky keys? '''

Update (04/29/2016)

Could some one help me quickly please

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Connect a USB keyboard so that you can at least use your laptop until you get the keyboard replaced.

The preferred method when liquids have been spilled into a keyboard is to replace it. You are more than likely going to create more problems with the keyboard, just trying to fix it.

Here is a link which shows how to replace a keyboard in an Acer S7.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Thank you though ! I already purchased a new one and it is in its way in.


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