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Clean large amount of leaves from pool bottom

I have last fall's leaves at the bottom of my pool. What is the best way to clean them all out?

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I used to just drain mine and get down there with a shovel and hose to wash all the dirt out. Trying to balance your chemical and get rid of all the growing stuff is a nightmare. Better to just start over from fresh. If the walls feel a little or a lot slimy, that's bacteria growing. I used a high pressure water sprayer first with soap and a disinfectant then clean water. Remember to clean your filter and pump and disinfect.

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I would recommend using a deep leaf net to get out the majority of the leaves. Using a pool vacuum and sending that much debris into your filter will just immediately clog it.

Once the majority of the debris is scooped out manually with a leaf net, then I would use your automatic pool cleaner to finish the job. If you don't have an automatic pool cleaner you can use manual pool vacuum.

Sounds like you're opening the pool for the season. Enjoy.

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I would suggest using a deep pool net do not try to vacuum the pool because it will get plug also remember to clean all the baskets including the pump for better circulation

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