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The HP Split x2 is a 13" hybrid tablet/laptop combination was sold in mid-2013. The HP split is easily identified by its pull apart design.

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How to upgrade RAM from 4GB

How do I upgrade my RAM on the hp split x2 13-r010dx?

There is a RAM upgrade video, , but this is not the13-r010dx, its a split x2, is the process the same for the 13-r010dx? Because I see that according to Google, the RAM is soldered,


RAM4 GB ( provided memory is soldered )

TechnologyDDR3L SDRAM

Speed1600 MHz

Form FactorSO-DIMM 204-pin"

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Here is the service manual for your tablet/laptop.

As it was linked to this HP website page I'm assuming it to be correct.

In the service manual there is mention of the fact that the tablet/laptop supports up to 8GB of RAM but there is no mention of either a removable memory module or a memory slot. So it is likely that the RAM is permanently connected to the motherboard and that the tablet/laptop comes installed with a pre-determined amount of non upgradeable RAM.

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