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A 1.9 GHz DECT 6.0 multiple channel handset capable cordless phone, VTech CS6719-2.

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Power to base dies after 3-4 seconds after power is applied

Phone says "No Power to Base".. I unplug power connector from the base wait a second and replug in..The red LED turns on, within 2 seconds gets a little brighter for 1 second then totally dead.. I have checked power supply (5v) with a 5v source and same result..Cable isn't the problem because it's not intermittent. Same results consistently. the excess light before it goes dead , I'm thinking is a capacitor discharge, possibly through a hot shorted transistor.. Any thoughts out there?

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Is the battery icon in the phone showing that the battery is fully charged?

The charging light will extinguish when the battery is fully charged.

Does the phone work at the charging location?

The No Pwr at Base message can also indicate that the phone is out of range.

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