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The Asus X54C features an Intel Pentium Intel® Core™ i3 Processor, Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor and Intel® Celeron® Dual-Core Processor

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asus x54c laptop restarts after shutdown

Asus x54c laptop restarts immediately after every shutdown. Windows is password protected. It restarts after shut down no matter if I am logged in or not. No battery installed(the battery is broken). Upgraded from win7x64 to win10x64. The problems still present. Looked in the BIOS and power settings. Shuts down completely only by unplugging or long push on the power button. How to fix?

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It seems that Asus does not support Win10 for your model laptop.

Asus does however support Win8 64bit for your laptop so perhaps upgrading the BIOS to Win 8 64bit, may overcome your problems.

It may be that upgrading the BIOS will allow it to cope with Win 10's shutdown and power settings.

Be aware of the potential problems that may be caused whenever you 'flash' the BIOS. Research it thoroughly before you do so. Do so at your own risk.

Here is a link to the driver download page for your laptop. Select the Win 8 64bit OS option

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Hi Jayeff!

The problem was present before upgrading from win 7 to win 10.



Sorry about that. Missed your "The problems still present." sentence, in your question.

Have you checked in Event Viewer - Windows Logs -System to see if there are any entries listed at the time you shutdown or it restarts which may help you to discover the cause?

Have you unticked the Automatically Restart option to see if it at least stops restarting? (Start -Computer - right click Properties - Advanced System Settings - Startup and Recovery - Advanced -scroll to middle to find System Failure - 'automatically restart'. If it does your system may be failing on shutdown, possibly due to a driver problem (this is a guess) and you may not be aware of it.

This is for Win7 so am hoping it is in the same place for Win10



Thanks a lot. I will try that.


Turning off Fast Startup feature worked for me.

Go to Windows Settings > System > Power & Sleep > Additional power settings.

Click Choose what the power button does.

Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Disable the Turn on fast startup feature.

Save changes.

Rsetart the PC.


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