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Released in May of 2013, the Xperia L is an Android smartphone featuring a 4.3" screen, 8 MP camera, and a dual-core processor. Identified by model numbers C2104 and C2105.

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Xperia L C2105 does not charge if it is off


We need your help, the mobile suddenly stopped charging and does not open .. also try to open it with the charger plugged in but does not open the phone, and does not light any led .. just sometimes happen to turn briefly green light.


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Hi, Have you tried removing the battery, leaving it out for a minute then reinserting it and see if you phone starts?



yes.. I have also tried to measure multimeter normally get power the phone and eventually gave the green light (indicating that the battery is fully charged).


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Try a hard reset.

Here is a link that shows you how to do it.

Be aware that this will erase all your user data and downloaded apps.

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how to do Hard reset after the device is not responding?

it can not be done..

Thank you for your assistance anyway


Hi, So option #3 did not work then?


no :(

I should probably try to change screen does blame this



If you get a charging light it is showing some signs of life. Can you connect a PC and see if there is any signs of connection when you try to turn the phone on?



No, does not correspond to the computer .. rather the problem is the mobile board .. why suddenly does not respond to anything.


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Hello, I have the same problem with my Sony L, when I plug different usb cables and/or chargers I don't get any sight of the device charging, now I've got the greenish light to light when I plug it in, but it doesn't stop if I unplug the cable and remove the battery. The solution that I came up with was to plug the usb cable in and put the phone and the cable in some kind of box that will put pressure on the cable so that I can be sure it's all the way in and I can position the cable in the right way. I found out that even if i have the greenish light on after a time it will turn to red and the changing process will start. After I get the phone out and start it up and then I put it back, find the best position for the cable (when the charging simbol on the phone and the led light up) and let it charge.

So in my opinion the problem is with the connection between the usb socket and the motherboard, you'll have to go to a specialist to resolver the connections or change the usb socket. If i could load an photo of how I've done it I would buth I can't, so I hope all of you understood what I ment and this helped you.

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