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Release Date October 2015 Model Number M4C63UA.

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Can I exchange the RAM?

HP Stream x360 11 -p010nr

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The laptop only has OnBoard 2GB of RAM; which means you cant switch it out.

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After going into the system information from the startup menu it shows that there are 2 dimm slots; does this not mean you can upgrade it? if you still cant, how come there would be 2 slots with only 1 in use?


They make a Pro version of this laptop with 4gb of ram which uses 2gb in both "slots" both chips are however soldered on board i own a similar version of this laptop and have purchased another one with a broken screen for cheap my intention is to de-solder the chip and re-solder onto the working laptops mainboard in addition to this i have also got a m.2 connector which i will solder on to the secondary board to improve the hdd capacity by using a m.2 hdd it would be much more feasible to buy a laptop with better storage options and a larger ram capacity i am curious to see if this will work because this is a decent little laptop with decent battery life and a good build quality the only things lacking are the ram and storage space. i will post a guide on here if i am successful


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