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Model A1137 / 1, 2, or 4 GB capacity / black or white plastic front

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Not responsive to trackwheel.

Powers On ok, but that is all it does. Cannot scroll to any menu.

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Probably needs a replacement clickwheel or there is liquid damage to the unit causing it to behave erratically.

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does not respond to the trackwheel.

Only showing 1 song and plays only that song.

Has not gotten wet.

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Have you tried to reset your iPod? Have you tried to connect it and checked with iTunes how many songs you have on there as well as the format of the songs? Have you tried to play them through iTunes? Does your click wheel allow you to make any menu changes?


I'd too say that. Furthermore, I dunno it's a related issue, but the iPod Nano recently got a recall, still active AFAIK, because of heat issues with the battery, with melting plastics as a possible end result.

Maybe I'd give that a check.


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