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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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My outgoing message for dect 6.0

how do I leave a personal message for incoming calls?

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Fantastic, i forgot how to change message. Many Thanks


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It can be done!! You have to do this from one of the wireless handsets, not from the base set (makes no sense but OK).

Press the "envelope" button that says mute underneath it at the bottom of the handset keypad. It will start playing your messages. Press 5 to skip/pause this, then press 8 and wait for instructions to record. I got put off a couple times trying it at first because I didn't realize you have to listen to any saved messages you've got before it gives you prompts to change the greeting (or press 5 at any time during the messages). Then press 8 again to stop recording--it will play back your message. Press 8 to re-record or the END key to save it. That's it! Below are the instructions from the manual as well:

Your greeting can be between 2 seconds and 30 seconds

long. If you don't record an outgoing message, the system

uses a pre-recorded greeting: Hello, no one is available to

take your call. Please leave a message after the tone.

Press Messages/mute to access the answering system. Wait

until the system finishes its announcements, or press 5

(stop) to skip them.

Press 8.

Wait for the system to say "Record greeting," then begin


When you're finished, press 8 to stop recording. The

system plays back your new greeting.

To keep this greeting, press End. To re-record it, go back to

step 2.

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thank you so much! helpful




Thank you so much, your instructions worked perfectly :)

Now I know what that envelope button is there for.

I had previously kept trying to use Menu button to get to voicemail options but that didn't work.

Have a great day :D


Thank you so much. I needed to get that recording off my phone and i tried every button on the base to no avail.


you are a lifesaver. I read and re-read manual as to how to do this since my base does not have a GREETING button and you made this so easy. Thank you. Thank you


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If you have a Uniden DECT 6.0 1760 series phone then unfortunately it has no inbuilt answering machine function.

You need to set up a voicemail service with your phone service provider. Go to your phone service provider's website to find out how this is done

Here is a link to the User Manual for the phone showing how to program the phone (scroll down the page to find Setting up Voicemail access) once you have setup the voicemail service with your phone service provider.

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Not sure this is correct--I just did it on my phone system & posted the instructions on this thread. Mine is a Uniden DECT 6.0 but according to the manual, that's DECT2188, not 1760 series. Maybe they are different.


Hi @chickadeejd ,

They are different models.

This is a Uniden DECT2188 and this is a Uniden D1760.

Reading through the manual shows that there is no answer machine integrated with the D1760 system.

DECT6.0 is just the standard used for cordless phone technology, i.e. Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications ver. 6.0. It is not exclusive to Uniden

The Uniden model numbers differentiate the features offered by the phone


Pressing 8 after listening to messages worked for me ;) Thank you so very much.


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I had no idea how to record my greeting on this phone but the 1st answer worked for me. Listened to the messages, pressed 8, recorded my message, pressed 8 again, listened to the recorded message and hit End. It worked, yay.

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1) Press & hold Greeting Key. “Record greeting” will announce with a confirmation tone.

2) Start recording your message. You can record up to a 30 second greeting.

3) When you are finished recording your greeting, press the Greeting or Set key.

You hear a confirmation tone followed by the greeting you just recorded.

Hope this helps!

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