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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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How does the battery charge?

I just purchased an 83 suzuki fa50. It did not come with a battery and am looking to purchase one on the internet. Most of the batteries I find online speak of pouring dangerous battery acid into the battery on a regular basis. I did find one that doesn't require this. But what I really want to know is: how does the battery charge? Do these scooters have alternators?

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Okay I want to know if a 1987 fa-50 Suzuki moped is 6 or 12-volt


it is a 6 volt


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Here are the electrical specifications for your scooter.

It has a generator* to provide electrical power to the motor as well as charge the battery. The specifications state that is has a 6V 2AH battery (2AH =7200 Coulombs, that's what the 7.2kC means).

  • Usually generators provide DC output while Alternators provide AC which is rectified to DC output.

Block Image

Here is the link to the service manual for your scooter.

Try getting a SLA type battery - (sealed lead acid, maintenance free) - as long as you don't reach the gassing voltage / cell for it when it is being charged by the generator you should be able to use one and not have to worry about battery maintenance.

I think gassing voltage is approx 2.97V/Cell which equals 8.91V when charging a 6V battery. Check the following link if in doubt or my maths/logic is faulty.

The output of the generator varies from 5.5V at 2300 rpm to 8.7V at 8000 rpm so it just squeezes in.

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Do you know for a fact that a 6N2 SLA battery exists that can be used for this bike? I'm searching around for '6N2 SLA' and '6N2 maintenance free' and I haven't found much but replacements for the original wet battery.


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The FA50 uses a 6 volt battery for it's lights.

The battery technology is Wet-Cell; the routine maintenance will be required.

There should be a charger that you plug into the wall.

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What battery is best, where do I get it, what about this acid thing, what's a wet cell, what maintenance is required?


I ventured out of my computer proficiency zone here; I watched my dad tweak and charge his scooter just like this one, and these were the only three things I knew...other than wear a helmet and don't stand on the handlebars ;)


@alinorne - Do you think I knew squat about appliance repair before this? But I now answer most of the questions on it. Pick a subject no one is giving answers to and do the work, become an expert. How do you get to Carnegie Hall?


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They have magnetos that is how I believe mine charges it

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Hi @Gary Boyd ,

If you can't get the manual for the correct year check what voltage value is stamped on the brake light or headlight bulbs.

This will tell you what the battery voltage is.

It should also be written on the battery. If it is no longer there, for a 1983 model it is a 6V 2AH battery

This link confirms that your year model also has a 6V 2AH battery.

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Where is the Rectifier located



I don't know but here's the 1980 FA50 service manual.

Go to p.4-8 so see where the rectifier is located.

p.4-10 gives the wiring diagram which may also help in tracing the wiring to the rectifier.

p.3-19 shows what it looks like.

Hopefully it is the same for your year model.


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