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MDR-ZX100 ZX Series stereo headphones made by Sony.

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No sound in left headphone after tripping over the wire

Hi, I have a Sony MDR-ZX110 Headphone, its basically new and have only used it for a couple weeks.

Last night I tripped over the headphones and after reconnecting them sound from the left side had gone. Right side is working perfectly.

I checked the entire wire and kept wiggling it starting at the port all the way up to the speaker connection, at no point did I hear any connection, as is expected with broken wires if at some point a connection is made sound may come back.

I opened the heaphones to reveal the wire connection to the speakers and tested using a multimeter the connections and the port. The left side gave no repsonse on the resistance test indicating a broken connection someplace.

Is there any way to fix this? Thank you

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@farazk86 "expected with broken wires if at some point a connection is made" not necessarily with the type of wires used in those headphones. If the wiring is okay at the driver end, you most likely tore some wires at the connector end which is the most common cause. It is unlikely (but of course possible) that the wires broke anywhere in between. I would suggest that you replace the connector. Check this guide for the repair. Different headphones, same issue.

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Hi. Thanks for answering. But i followed the guide but still there is nor sound in the left speaker.

I checked the wires with a multimeter. Checking the connections of the wire against the right speaker I see a reading on the multimeter but doing the same on the left speaker I dont get any response.

So I believe the wire is broken.. Are there any solutions to this?

Thank you


None other than to replace the wire. You did replace the jack?


You can also use a multimeter to test the wires and plugs for continuity to find what's broken.


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I have the same problem, did you find a way to fix it yet?

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