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Entry level Photosmart printer introduced in 2009. Uses HP Tri-Color ink cartridges with a disposable printhead.

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Paper will not feed into printer

Printer states out of paper. I reload & have tried several times & it will not feed into the machine.

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After you check the printer to make sure there aren't any tiny bits of paper in the rollers, try cleaning the paper feed rollers. FIRST remove paper. click Start> click Devices & printers> find your printer& select it with one click. then right click & select printing preferences. > under features tab click printer services button> click paper feed cleaning button... this may take several minutes, and may ask you to insert paper near the end. IF THOSE don't work, try doing a reset.... While printer is on, unplug the power from the back. wait 30 seconds, then plug back in. turn on the printer if it doesn't turn on automatically. if your error message goes away, test the printer. Hope this helps!

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If Printer Services does not fix your printer feed problems, unplug the printer and remove paper from paper tray. turn printer around so you can access the back opening near the bottom . Remove roller cage by pressing on a rounded tab you can clearly see. While pressing tab to the right like the arrows on the cage suggest, lift the cage out towards rear of printer. the right side will follow letting two alignment pins, ease out of their slots and the cage is removed. Dont be scared. It is simple to remove. Set cage aside Now get some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Looking in where the cage was about two to three inches in there is a black rubber roller. . This is the one that fails. Using the q-tip and solution swab the entire roller sort of back and forth until you have cleaned the whole roller . put the cage back in plug in and try to feed paper through it again. repeat process again. It is really easy and you can save time and money No guts no glory. you can do it.

Good Luck



Mary, your fix will no doubt fix many peoples problems. The only reason I added the bit that I did was in some printers with lots of use you will have to clean it manually. Good write up.



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The feed cleaning utility did not work for me (cleaned 4x). Easy fix: Unplug printer, open the back panel, dip q-tip in rubbing alcohol, reach in and scrub the 1 first feed roller, wait 10 mins for the alcohol to dry, then print!

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