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Repair information, service manuals, and troubleshooting help for refrigerators manufactured by KitchenAid.

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My 2013 Kitchenaid freezer wont freeze my food

My 2013 Kitchenaid freezer won't freeze my food. the air is cold but my food is soft and thawing. what can I do.

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help! mine the back coil on freezer only get white about half way up ice cream is soupy will not freeze anything coils all clean underneath been like this for 3 months ice fills container but is wet both are turned up as high as controls can go it is 10 years old.


Living the nightmare now this has been going on since 2017 and now hasn’t been working since February. AHS is difficult to work with. Frustrating


Same’s just a few months out of the extended warranty we purchased too. The freezer won’t get cold enough to freeze, and at first I thought it was the kids not closing the drawer all the way on the bottom freezer again. The fridge is nominally cold. I am about to unplug it and open the back. What should I be looking for?


Same here...


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Is this just a freezer or a combo refrigerator - freezer? Is the refrigerator side also running warm?

Cause 1

Condenser Coils are Dirty

If the condenser coils are located within the freezer walls, the coils do not require cleaning. However, if the condenser coils can be readily accessed from behind or under the unit, you should clean them every 6-12 months. If the condenser coils are dirty, they won’t be able to dissipate heat effectively, greatly reducing the cooling capacity of the freezer. If the condenser coils are dirty or have not been cleaned in a while, clean them.

Cause 2

Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor draws air over the evaporator coils and circulates it throughout the freezer. If the evaporator fan motor is not working, the freezer will not cool. On most refrigerators, the fan motor will not run when the door is open. To check the evaporator fan motor, open the freezer door and then manually activate the freezer door switch. If the door switch is activated, but the evaporator fan motor won’t run, replace the evaporator fan motor.

Cause 3

Start Relay

The start relay provides power to the compressor. If the start relay isn’t working properly, the compressor may run intermittently or may not run at all. If the compressor won’t run, the freezer will not cool. To determine if the start relay is defective, unplug the freezer and remove the start relay from the compressor. Use a multimeter to test the start relay for continuity between the start and run terminals. If the start relay does not have continuity, or if it smells burnt, replace it.

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Where would you find the "start relay"?


I'd need a model number to see if I can find it.


I have had the ice maker, condenser, fans, thermistor replaced and several services but it has failed again. I bought this in 2014 and it stared having problems July 2017. The last repair was Dec 2017. Worked for a while. Cooling problems, no ice started again March 2018. This refrigerator is terrible. It would freeze up with ice inside the food section and the freezer would not cool. Then both sides would be too warm. Then no ice or water. Now back to no ice and both sides are too warm. I have a 5 year warranty and I feel like all they will do is repair with parts over and over. Had to finally purchase a new refrigerator and put it in my garage because I could not rely on the refrigerator. This is a terrible product and Kitchenaid should give me a new refrigerator. The warranty for this product is misleading.


Full replacement for a piece of junk probably won’t happen. They just string you along until the warranty runs out. If anyone has any information on how I can force the warranty company to provide a new refrigerator please post. The warranty company is NSI.


Kitchen Aid Mod kSRG25FKSS15 01 04


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Hi @immznoitall,

The start relay for the compressor in your model is shown as part #10.

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Bought freezer in 2020 had to have service on it right away lost all my food now again. Called service depth no service calls til 8. Well everything is going to be gone. Don't know what to do


Hi @huggybear2341,

Nothing you can do to save any food except maybe transfer to another refrigerator if possible.

What is the make and model number of the refrigerator?

Is the compressor motor running?

Can you hear if the fan in the freezer compartment is running? It will stop when the door is open (or if the refrigerator door is open instead -depends on make/model)

Given that it most probably still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, it is not advisable for you to try and fix it yourself, as doing this will void the warranty.

You may have to contact the manufacturer (manager of service department or higher) in writing or by email to express your displeasure and disappointment with their product, given how it has now failed twice in presumably under/just over 12 months.

I say to do this in writing or by email as at least you should get a written response which is proof of what has occurred rather than having a verbal exchange with the manufacturer which can be dismissed or denied it happened etc.

Call me cynical but they have to be held accountable for their products somehow and the warranty route if still valid (check user manual for details) is the best way to go.

If it is not satisfactorarily repaired this time demand a replacement or a refund


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