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Samsung's fitness-oriented smartwatch, featuring a curved super AMOLED touchscreen display. First released in April 2014.

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Why are notifications from secondary email acct, not primary?

I have a Gmail email account and a Yahoo email account. My Samsung Note 4 knows that my Gmail account is primary; it is defaulted that way on the device itself. So why are the notifications showing up on my Gear Fit only from my Yahoo email box?? I can't figure this out.

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The info in this link may be of interest to you.

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Hi Jayeff. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I do not see Gmail in the long list of apps I can link to within Gear Fit Manager to get Notifications. I am getting Gmail on my Note 4, so I don't know why Gmail isn't in that long list, but it's not. Email is, and that's probably what's pulling my Yahoo email to the device, which again doesn't make any sense because the default email account on my phone is Gmail, not Yahoo. I see everything from Flashlight to Kindle to Chrome to eBay and Facebook Instagram Pinterest Shazam Twitter Uber YouTube You Name It, but no Gmail. Stumped!!


Have you set up both email accounts in gear manager? Scroll to post #4 in this link. I realize that he is talking about Gear 2 but it might give you a clue.


Jayeff, I don't see a way to set up email accounts in Gear Fit Manager. ???? I don't see that option. In Notifications, there's just a long list of every app on my phone, and I can put a check mark in the box next to any of them, and I will get those notifications on my device. But for whatever reason, Gmail is not one of the apps I can choose. Neither is Yahoo for that matter. Just "Email", and on my phone, both Gmail and Yahoo appear in my Email folder. I like it that way ... I don't have to click on 2 separate icons on my phone to get my email, just 1 click takes me to where all my Gmail and all my Yahoo emails are. And maybe that's the problem: I need to download the Gmail app, separately. Ugh.



Wondering if it is worthwhile to disconnect ( temporarily) your Yahoo email account. Reboot and see if the Samsung 'email' option appears as regards gear fit manager so that you can enable notifications. If you can get it to work this way then set up Yahoo email again and see if the Samsung email client stays as well as Yahoo. Just a thought. Scouring the web shows that you are not alone with this. A lot of people end up installing the GMail app. If you do decide to give it a try, don't forget to do a backup first. A least then you can do a restore if it doesn't work.


Thanks jayeff. I will probably end up doing just what you're recommending. Really appreciate you!!


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