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How to update the firmware to the latest version?

I just bought an LG TV 43LX341C-GA.

I couldn't find any king of software for this model, neither in the LG website nor anywhere else.

What OS is running this model and how can I find the latest version of the firmware for this TV set?

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Please double check your model number and verify that it is correct.


You're right, The model number was wrong. I corrected it. it's actually 43LX341C-GA.


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You can find the binary file of your firmware here:

I guess it is the one of the "licence" column, but if not sure, use the "inquiry" column.

About the procedure, you have to copy the file on a usb key and follow instruction given in your TV menu, "software update" (whether you have one !) otherwise:

Consult with LG Electronics and update new software versions according to the guidance provided by LG Electronics.

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