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Model number NX785QC8G, released in 2014. RK3188 Quad core ARM Cortex A9/1.6GHz Processor, 1GB DDR RAM.

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How do I know which part to buy

I dropped my nextbook, now it has one big crack across the screen and the touch does not work, it comes on, and picture is clear. What part or parts do I need to buy and replace.

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You need a new digitizer. Here is a link for one supplier. You may find others. Just Google digitizer for Nextbook NX785QC8G (if that is the correct model number for your tablet)

Here is a link to show you how to replace the digitizer on a similar Nextbook (couldn't find one for your model- hopefully it is close enough to help)

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i had gotten my tablet fixed...but when i received it again,,the screen was upside down....i had to touch the top if i wanted to select something from the bottom...can someone please tell me wats wrong

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Hi, I suggest that you take it back to whoever repaired it and show them the problem. Most reputable businesses offer a warranty on their repair work, even if it is only 30 days.


What kind of tablet did you get fixed? If your tablet is a Netbook, The screen only goes in one way...Did your tablet screen rotate in the first place? I have had tablets come in with the rotation turned off, which leaves the screen oriented top is at top, bottom is bottom. If the tech turned rotation back on, then that's probably why it was upside down. Some techs go into client devices and change settings the way they like. I don't believe in doing that.


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