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I dropped my ipad

I dropped my ipad and could only see a faint show of the apple on my screen, as in your amswers i tapped the back of it and it came back on but within minutess its gone off again tried tapping it again but nothing. Could you please tell me which end of the ipad the lcd is, or is there anything else i can try

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jackieandbarry, Click on the link below, 12 Categories will come up, click on your model Ipad, from there, one or more models may show click on yours, from there you will see guides on disassembly, to show how to get to ribbon cables/connectors inside your device, to ensure they are on properly connected and you can re-seat. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Apple iPad Repair

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Try to re-seat the LCD connector, please be specific with what model your iPad is so I can give you a link to the correct instructions :)

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the backlight filter on the motherboard need to be replace

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Don't just assume its that so quickly; try some diagnostics first.


Which iPad is this even.

This is the most crucial question in the entire thread.

LCD cable needs to be cleaned and reseated in most cases.


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