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transfer hard drive information to new hard drive

i9 just purchased a 600 GB hard drive to replace the old 300 GB hard drive. I have it partitioned 150 GB for MAC 150 GB for windows, as all of my employers work is done on windows. Question How can I transfer my old hard drive inf. to my new one. Also will I have to partition and reinstall windows on new hard drive. Thanx in advance

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yes, you would have to clone your hard drive with Super Duper, then use bootcamp to re-create your windows partition and use Winclone for Mac to clone your windows partition and simply transfer all the data to your new drive. Good luck.

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G'day Mate :)

Well first of all I hope I can give you the right info as I'm fairly new to Mac's and this is my first attempt at trying to help someone else out, I'm still treading waters my self on Mac's:O

I found a couple of programs to copy my old Mac drive to a Bigger drive which makes an exact copy of your old hard drive, so after I copy it I just put the new drive into the Mac and it booted up as if nothing was different :) The program I used is called Carbon Copy Clone. I can't remember If I had to pay for it or not but I think I got it through a website called free Mac stuff. I think also that the disk utility will also do a carbon copy of your hard drive as well. I Think I saw somewhere on the carbon copy web site pertaining to transfer of windows partitions as well. I hope I've manage to help you out on at least one of your questions :))))

But I'm sure one of the wonderful professionals on here can give you a better answer ;-)

Annie :)))


Hi again Mate :)))

I just came across this little forum on here that seems to have the answer your looking for :)))

How do I transfer dual partitions to a new hard drive?

Hope this one helps you out Mate :))))

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Well Annie, you did good. You spent the time to do your homework. That makes you a welcome contributor anytime. Hang with us and we can learn from each other. + vote


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This is a really tough question. There's no problem with the Mac side, just use SuperDuper. On the windows side, it's according to the software you used to set it up. Go to the software makers site of the product you used to set up the windows to get an answer.

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i have problem upgrading my new 500GB HD with snow leopard. Unit will partition and start installation process and will move for hours later get frozen. Any idea regarding the upgrade, by the this Macbook Pro 15''

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