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An Android 4.4.2 smartphone released November 1, 2014.

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Why wont my blu 7.0 ii update or download apps?

I go to play store and try to update apps and it says cant be downloaded or something about the server . its really aggravating me because i just got it for Christmas and cant even use it !!

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Check to see if the Download Manager App is enabled.

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Not sure where it is in your phone but usually you find it in Menu > Settings > Apps

Swipe to ALL APPS. Scroll down and look for "Download Manager". You may have to scroll all the way down. The apps are listed alphabetically, enabled first, then disabled

Tap on it to enter.

If there is a tab to enable it - it means that it is disabled, click to enable.

If it is already enabled

1. Disable it

2. Clear its data

3. Reboot

4. Enable it again

5. Reboot.

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I tried your answer Jaye ft but my tablet still won't downlaod. My download data was already cleared when I enabled and disabled.


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