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Battery operated Thomas the Tank Engine ride-on train with track.

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Where to charge the train

Where do I charge the train, If I go under the seat which plug do I plug the charger to, so the train can work I have no idea what I am doing.

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Apparently it's at the back of the train. The charger, hopefully you have it, is an unusual shape, and there shouldn't be any mistaking where it goes. Sorry I couldn't be more help

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thanks a lot for your answer


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You must remove the two Phillips screws on the black plastic seat. Remove the seat. Unplug the 2 prong hard plastic connector that goes to the 6volt battery. Connect the charger directly to the 2 prong connector that goes to the battery. Wait 6 hrs and then unplug the charger. Reconnect the connector that goes to the motor back to the battery. Replace the seat and tighten the 2 screws down. Enjoy!

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