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HMDX Jam HX-P230 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker manufactured and released by the HMDX Company in 2012. Also known as JAM classic portable speaker.

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will not pair with iPhone

will not pair with I phone only pairs with ipad

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Where is the reset button? Please


Hi @ paulagunn,

Try pressing the Play/Pause button for 5 seconds.


Will my hmdx 240 earbuds works with an android device


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Found this info in the link below, hopefully it is relevant to your problem: (scroll down to reviewer post 05/02/15)

''If you ever come across having issues with the speaker not pairing, and not showing up on the bluetooth devices list in your tablet/phone, do this. It worked for me:

1. Turn on speaker.

2. Press reset button.

3. Turn on again.

4. Press simultaneously the "PLAY" and the "+" buttons, until the blue light blinks faster (2-3 timer per second).

5. At this moment, the speaker should show up on your tablet/phone pairing list.

6. Pair the speaker. And you're set to go!''

Also another reviewer said to ensure that you should turn off one of your devices when you try to pair with the other as he found that it confused the speaker when both were on. (post on p.4 dated 12/03/14)

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I found this information very helpful


Thank you. Worked for me on my Samsung.


The Jam2 instructions don't tell you you must hold the play button and the "+" button simultaneously to enter discovery mode so that the iphone will see the device


Thanks!! For so long I've been unable to use this speaker. Almost pitched it. Worked perfectly.


Really nice advice.


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This solution WORKED for me.

I have: iPhone 7S and Jam Plus HX-P240 (3 yrs old, circa 2015)

My iPhone showed Jam speaker but showed "connection unsuccessful" when I tried to pair. I tried several fixes including resetting the speaker. Nothing worked until I followed the chosen suggestion.

1) Turned Jam Plus speaker OFF.

1) In iPhone bluetooth settings selected Jam Plus, hit the little "i" button & selected "Forget this device".

2) Turned Bluetooth OFF on iPhone

3) Turned JamPlus ON and held down the power button AND "+" button (I did this with left hand - I'm right-handed - this left right hand free to do step #4).

4) Simultaneously in iPhone settings, turned Bluetooth ON (still holding down the speaker power and + buttons).

5) iPhone discovered the Jam right away. I selected it & it connected!


To test I turned both off several times & each time it connected JUST BY TURNING ON. I did NOT need to hit the "+" again.

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Well telling my iPhone Bluetooth to “Forget My Device” really messed it up. Now I cannot get my JAM Classic to connect at all.


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Hi @Joanne Brandon,

Yes it will.

Bluetooth is a universal system so it should work with any device that has BT capability.

Sometimes there may be compatibility issues between two individual BT devices but in essence it will mostly work OK.

Here’s a link to the user manual which may help in setting it up.

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Switch the speaker selector button below the speaker to “mono” worked for me when l was having difficulty pairing the speaker with my iphone.

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