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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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Why won't my Nano turn on?

I have plugged it in,can't turn on ,what do I do?

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Check out the Nano 3rd Gen troubleshooting guide. It has the order of testing you should follow.

Good luck!

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my ipod fell out a car now its not working

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brennen roulette, it is a lot easier to get any help if you ask your own question. On the right hand side on this page you find a link "Ask a Question" and if you click on it you can give all your information and give a concise description of what device you have and what happened to it. Right now your question shows up as an answer to an old question and not to many people that could help you will see it. So if you expect some help, please ask you own question as described. Good Luck


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I have had this. It usually can be solved by plugging it into a PSU and letting it charge from there.

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