The temperature gauge reaches 4 and switch engine off

I have a clio diesel 1.5 once the temperature gauge reaches 4 and switch engine off it takes about 20 seconds bk on the Dynastic test come up with a load of weird codes

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So sounds like your Clio is overheating. What year is it? What have you checked? what exact codes are you getting?


04 plate we had a diagnostic check and they just kept sayin there nothin wrong don't no what code they used ! Thanks


Haven't got code to hand at mo sorry the garage said he's never seen theses codes b4 took it 4 a test drive and done test again cum bk clear


Is it just the gauge that goes up or is your Renault truly overheating?


Gauge ! But don't understand why after a long journey we switch the engine off back on takes about 20 seconds thanks appreciate your help


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