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Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in April 2014.

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How do I replace the cracked screen touch still works fine?

I saw a great "How-2" replace a screen on a Galaxy Phone, but I must repair my own Samsung Galaxy 4 - 10.1" Tablet Model #SM-T530NU whose screen just got cracked today (Just bought it 4 weeks ago!) but the touch still works fine on it. I MUST do it myself I have no choice and no money. I can barely buy the replacement screen (whats the difference between a "Touch Screen Digitizer+Adhesive" for only $18.99 and a

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Looks like you did not finish your question. The digitizer and adhesive means you remove your own from the LCD and uses that part for replacement. what exactly cracked on your Galaxy? you say " the screen" do you mean the LCD, the part that actually displays the images?


I think it's just the glass on the front. It's amazing how even with these cracks that are covering the entire screen it still is working! I'm typing this on it now! If it were the LCD wouldn't that be obvious? Hope I'm right?


I found a seemingly correct price and product that also comes with tools instructions and a link to a youTube video tutorial for $17.99

"Frequently bought together:

Eco-Fused Screen Replacement Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4 including Replacement Glass / Tool Kit… $17.99


10ml LOCA UV GLUE - Xfactor® PREMIUM GRADE UV Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive - LOW Viscosity 2000mPa…$12.99"

So do I need this LOCA UV Glue as well?

Their Product descrip:

• HIGH QUALITY REPLACEMENT SCREEN (GLASS ONLY - DOES NOT INCLUDE DIGITIZER): The replacement screen in this kit is made from very high quality tempered glass that, if installed correctly, will have exactly the same functionality as a more expensive authentic OEM Samsung screen replacement. (Glass only, does not include digitizer)

• GLASS REMOVAL WIRE INCLUDED FOR SAFEST GLASS DETACHMENT: This removal method is favored by professional technicians.




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Micki Hoffman if you have never done this type of repair, your chances of getting it accomplished are very slim, Separating the digitizer and subsequently getting it to re-adhere properly without damaging it, is a task that takes practice. My suggestion is to change it as an assembly. Yes it is more costly, but you are almost guaranteed that it will work.

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I really AM a newbie! What do you mean by "an assembly" if I had the money I'd have a pro fix it, but laid off and have broken into my piggie bank (litterally) and have a grand total of $25.32. What is the difference btwn buying the glass screen and the digitizer set and buying an 'assembly'?


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