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A digital camera manufactured by Canon Inc. released in september of 2010.

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Unit does not switch on.Purchased new battery but no luck

Unit simply does not switch on, installed new charged battery but no luck

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Things that you can try.

1. Check to see if the battery connecting terminals in the battery compartment are clean. Use a cotton bud (Q-tip?) very lightly moistened with some Isopropyl Alcohol to gently rub the terminals clean. Also clean the battery terminals as well. Wait a few minutes for the terminals to dry completely. Turn on the camera.

2. Remove battery from camera, remove memory card from camera. Reinsert battery, turn camera on. If it turns on it will probably show error that card is missing. Turn off camera, insert card and see if it turns on.

3. = lightly =press down and to the left (stress lightly) on the battery cover and hold whilst switching on camera.

If all of the above fail the fault is internal to the camera.

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No joy with this idea.


#2 Option worked. Thank you.


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