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Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 14 hour playtime. IPX7 waterproof certified. Shockproof rubber exterior. 1800mAh power bank. Released in 2015.

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Why can't I connect to the bluetooth?

My friend already connected to my device, and I cannot connect to it now. Every time we are together, his connects instead. how do i make this stop, and make it so only mine is the one connecting?

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My new phone (Galaxy A70) won’t even read the device. I don’t even have an option to connect to Braven speaker at all. Meanwhile my previous device (LG G5) can read and connect without any hiccups. I reseted the bluetooth but still it does not show anywhere on my new device. Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to have to buy another speaker.


@Igi Vasiljevic ,

Can your A70 "see" any BT device at all, not certain from your question whether it can see other BT devices or not?

try turning off the BT in all your other devices and then reset the speaker to pair again and then check if you can see it in the A70 BT menu


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The Braven BRV-1s remembers the last 8 devices it has paired with. This memory may be overriding the info on your device. Rest your device

Alternatively, your device may not be Bluetooth compatible. Check the manual on the device you are trying to connect to and make sure that it can connect to your Braven BRV-1s via Bluetooth.

For more information please refer to the troubleshooting guide.

Braven BRV-1s Troubleshooting

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For you to connect if your friend is there he needs to turn OFF bluetooth in his device. Then you should be able to connect.

I think that since your friend connected first, there must be a priority connection order in the Braven therefore his connection gets preference.

I suggest you press the reset button. Hopefully this should restore the Braven to default and remove all bluetooth connections info. Then connect (re pair) your device first. Then if you want your friend to have access as well connect his device next.

The user manual is pretty light on detail. If you have further questions contact the maker at the following

Here is a link to the user manual.

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I fixed mine. My problem was it paired, and said it was connected, but then dropped the connection.

I did all the basic troubleshooting because yeah. That didn’t work. I found out it worked on my phone, just not my PC. Hmm. I looked at the drivers. There were two for Braven 805. Hmm. I checked for updated drivers. Nope they were both up to date it said. I disabled the Braven 805 avrpc driver and retried connecting. Tada. It worked. I Don’t know why. I learned that avrcp is a bluetooth profile, Audio Visual Remote Control Profile

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