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The 2014 version of the Galaxy Note 10.1", running a Exynos 5 processor and 3 Gb of ram. Released October 2013.

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All operative but with black screen

i feel every thing operative touch sound switches on/off switch speakers

but the display fully black

please help

thanks in advance

Ali M. Jassem

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I have this problem too. I watched a Youtube video warning people to not buy the Samsung Note because this is a well known glitch in it's operating system.

Unfortunately I watched this too late and my Note was out of warranty a month before the screen went dark.


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I had the same problem. Mine was hardware related. The ribbon for the lcd somehow became dislodged enough to cause the screen to no longer function. I'm guessing from my kid dropping it. This device is super easy to open. There are videos on YouTube on how to do it.

After removing the innards from the bact casing it was as simple as reconnecting the ribbon cable. It hasn't been an issue since. In fact I'm typing this on my 10.1 currently.

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Just what happened to mine. My son dropped it from 1 foot high, it fell down to its side and went on swinging from one side to the other (like spining a coin, just 3 or 4 times). My immediate reaction was that probably the ribbon cable got disconnected and your review made the final point,


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aliamj123, you could try a hard reset (you will lose all your data) but ultimately it sounds like you may have a bad LCD. I would at least consider to open the tablet and take a good look at the ribbon cables connectors and components on the board to determine if there are obviously failed/broken parts. If none are found, replace the LCD.

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There is also another video on youtube about how to fix it. Its not 100% permanent but you can do it again if it ever breaks I would give you a quick run down on how to fix it but I am bad with guides

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