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A crossover SUV by Honda introduced in 2002 for the model year 2003. The first generation was produced until 2007 when the car received a redesign.

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Heater control valve cable stuck

I replaced the heater control valve on the Honda Pilot but the cable will not move to side the valve what can I do

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can you move the cable while it is not connected? Can you move the valve manually? What year is your Pilot?


Check under the dash to see that nothing has got shoved up into the flap to keep it from moving or that the flap has not been pushed into the housing and is stuck in the closed position


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My 2005 Honda pilot jerks when I take off on freeway and after shifts fine runs good some days I have to turn off because blinking lights like the D and a ! I turn off then on and it's fine what can it be

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