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The second generation of the Renault Clio automobile. It was launched in 1998.

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Front windscreen wipers have stopped working (2012 1.5 diesel)

Front windscreen wipers have stopped working in the upright position. Rear wiper still working. Where is the fuse or the relay, please?

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Barry, the wipers are controlled from the central control unit which is located above the passengers feet. The "relay" is an internal part as the unit is a computer that controls plenty of things including the wipers. The fuse for the windscreen wiper is F4 and is a 20A fuse in the passenger fusebox

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Many thanks for the prompt reply and solution.


Do you need a new central control unit? And does it need to be coded to the car?


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I have a similar problem with my espace the ac and wipers wont work but cant see s bad fuse any ideas

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