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A 65" rear projection TV by Mitsubishi.

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cap values on DM power board

I was getting ready to perform repair for blinking green light on my old Mitsubishi WS-65511. Pulled the DM power board and noticed the values on the caps are 1000uF 25V. I had read to buy replacement caps that are 1000uF 16V so that's what I bought. Any advice as to what to do? I'm confused. Thanks in advance.

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jrmcdown, I just double checked the schematic and the 1000uF are all 16V. May be these have been changed once before. You are okay with using the 16V per schematic.

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Thanks soldered in the new caps. Unfortunately must be something else. have constant blinking green light now. Thanks for answering my question though. I think the 25V were installed by TV repairman from previous problem.


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Generally, you are safe if you use over-rated caps. So you could replace 16v with 25v or 50v caps, but you wouldn't want to use 16v caps if 25v were required. - I've heard the 16v caps spec'ed by Mitsubishi are under-rated, so generally when being replaced it's a good idea to use 25v or greater.

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