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The Dell Venue 7 is a 7" HD Android tablet. It was released October 2013.

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How do you replace the screen on a Dell Venue 7 (3730)

Do you have a tutorial or video on how to replace a cracked display screen on a Dell Venue 7 (3730)?

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My brother in law gave up his Venue 7 to me in disgust as he wasn't able to repair this smartphone.I was hoping ifixit had info on how to do it but sadly, a dead end here as well... :-/


I bought a replacement touchscreen and tried to replace myself - what they don't say in any blogs or DIY videos is there is another glass screen under the touchscreen! I accidentally damaged the inner glass while trying to get the outer touchscreen off - it would've worked if that hadn't happened :(


Brenda where did you buy the replacement touch screen from ?


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rochellzimmerman, try this video

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