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A 10.2-Megapixel digital SLR camera by Nikon.

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Error Message: "Error Press Shutter Again"

Several of my company's Nikon D3000 cameras are giving me the error message: "Error Press Shutter Again." I continue to press the shutter button numerous times, but it continues to give me the same error message. To avoid making the company buy several new expensive cameras, what can I possibly do to resolve this problem?

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This error is normally indicative of a issue with the shutter wheel, or shutter gear. It could be broken, jammed, or the motor drive could be bad. The gear can normally be access via the bottom of the camera; it can then be lubricated and rotated a few times to prevent jamming. If it's broken, you'll have to replace the gear. If the motor is bad, you can test it or its connections and replace as necessary. Click here for more information on your error.

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