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Object in Gas Tank

A plastic tube extension to a funnel dropped inside the gas tank of my John Deere tractor, model 2010. How do I get the object out of the tank? Thx. Bob

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So a 2010 if I recall correctly is at least a 50 year old tractor so no large openings in the fuel tank but its also not a hard tank to take out. If you were to take it out you could drain all the fuel and with the tank upside down fish the plastic piece out the way it went in . A tractor that old it wouldn't hurt to pull it and clean it out anyway there's probably a lot of crap in a tank that old.

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Bob, you can remove the tank or just leave it as is. The plastic tube will not occlude your fuel line nor will it cause any harm by leaving it. If it bothers you knowing it is in there, fill up your tank and park your tractor on an incline with the front higher than the rear. Then try to use a wire to fish it out. Use the attached image to remove the tank if needed

Block Image

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I accidentally dropped a fuel stabilizer bottle into my fuel tank On a eXmark riding lawnmower. How do i remove it?

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