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The Samsung Galaxy W , also known as the Galaxy Wonder, identifiable by model number i8150.

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Will not Hard Reset! HELP

Every time I search for this phone Samsung Galaxy W t679m, I can find the Galaxy Exhibit, but it is not an exhibit, it doesn't say exhibit on the opening screen; it says Samsung Galaxy W.

I need to perform a Hard Reset in order to buypass the lock code; I know holding down Power + Volume Down = Custom OS, but when I hold Power + Volume Up it will show the 'Android Out of The Box' picture, but it will stay like that until it shuts itself off. I have no other buttons on the phone except the touch screen ones that only work when it is on. If I press the menu button (three horizontal lines on the very left) on the touch screen, it will display yellow words over the Android, it says "Rebooting..." at the bottom, and it just shuts off. Am I doing it wrong?

How do I Hard Reset this thing! Thanks in advance!

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The Samsung Galaxy W model is also known as Samsung SGH-i8150, Samsung Ancora, Samsung SGH-T679, Samsung Exhibit II 4G, Samsung SGH-T679M


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Madisen Nish, to hard reset your device you need to follow this steps. Make sure that your Samsung SGH-T679 is Off. Take out its battery for 10 seconds, Then put it in again. Press the volume up button + power button then wait for the Samsung logo to appear then release the power button, then press the home button for 2 seconds. Then use the volume down to navigate and select Factory data reset and wait for the process to be completed. Doing a hard reset will erase all your saved files and application. Also, check on here for more.

Let us know if this worked.

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Didn't work at all hopefully it will just start functioning LOL

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