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The Samsung WF361BVBEWR is a front-load washing machine with a total capacity of 3.6 cubic feet.

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How to unlock washer door

My washing machine samsung WF361 door would not unlock. There was 11 minutes remain in the cycle when it stopped , it has no water all drained. I Turn power off the wall and still locked. How can I open it and get the clothes out?

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tegrid alnemer, just in case you accidentally activated the child lock, try this. Press and hold both the Spin and Soil Level buttons simultaneously for approximately 6 seconds.

From the look of the locking mechansim it appears to be identical to a WF220. See if this applies to your washer as well:"

It still has a manual release however, there is some disassembly required to reach the lock release lever.

Block Image

To release the new door lock, follow these steps:

1. Remove the two screws from the rear of the top cover and remove the cover.

Block Image

2.Remove the four screws from the control. You can either disconnect the control panel, or carefully place it on top of the unit.

Block Image

3. Remove the four screws from the front panel.

Block Image

4. Once the front panel is loose, carefully lean it forward. At this point, the door switch is exposed. You now can pop its plastic cover off.

Block Image

5. Push down on the white knob that was under the cover. This will release the door lock and you will be able to open the door. It is very important to replace the plastic cover when you are done.

Block Image

from Volume 4, Issue 9 Home Appliances Newsletter

Watch out for water coming out of your washer when you do this. You may want to have a bucket and plenty of towels with it. After that determine why you do not have any power. Check systematically and start with your plug and fuses. Let us know what you find.

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Looks like Samsung keeps changing thing around all the time. My machine was a little different from what the picture showed, but I was able to release the lock after many tries (I'm a grandmother, 78). Thank you very much


@Rosemarie Rowley that is awesome!!!!! Thank you for leaving a great comment. Made my day....


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