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A portable e-book reader developed by Amazon. Repair is straightforward and requires only prying tools and screwdrivers.

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Screen Display only shows the top the bottom is blank.

My Kindle Paperwhite only shows the text on the top half of the screen. When I press the screen at the bottom it flickers but nothing is shown. I can advance to the next page in an e-book, and it will continue displaying text as if I could see the missing portion on the bottom half of the screen.

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To be completely honest, Kindles are so inexpensive that you're truly better off replacing the entire unit with a new one. Repairing these devices costs the same if not more than what they are worth.

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llhurst61, sounds like you will have a bad screen on your Kindle. To replace it, use this guide. The part is available at places like this and many more.

Kindle Paperwhite (1st Gen) Display Assembly Afbeelding


Kindle Paperwhite (1st Gen) Display Assembly


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