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Samsung's 5th-generation Android-based Galaxy smartphone was released April 11, 2014. Improvements to the phone include a fingerprint scanner, updated camera, larger display, and water resistance. It is available in four different colors; black, blue, white, and copper.

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Anyone have an idea why this S5 LOCA repair failed?

Did a LOCA repair on this S5, in just the same way I've done many other phones, but this time I ended up with the result shown below. I checked it immediately after the repair and it looked fine, but next morning it had developed the purple splotches and lines shown below. Interestingly, the lines follow the path of the cracks in the original glass that was removed, and the splotches are where the glass was shattered.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Block Image

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Is it possible that something was spilled on the LCD or glass and when it cured with LOCA it gave you this result?

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Ok after thinking about it some more I may have it figured out. I usually use Acetone to clean the LCD after removing the glass, but his time I also tried some WD40 to see if it would break down the tough S5 adhesive. It kind of worked, but I'm guessing that's what caused the problem. It must have left behind something that leached through to the LCD (yes I know it's really an AMOLED) and damaged it.

I guess this is one thing that WD40 isn't good for!


I'm sure the WD40 was the issue. I'm not even sure I would use acetone personally. It can eat away plastic parts, like on the cable assembly. Just use 99% isopropyl. Completely safe


I would agree, WD40 is the culprit here.


I've used acetone with no problem on hundreds of phones. I personally think it works better than isopropyl, but maybe I should switch back (used to use it years ago). Anyone know a good source for it?


I once read that to fix anything in your home, you need WD40 and duct tape: if it's moving and it shouldn't, use duct tape. If it's not moving and it should, use WD40.


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