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The second generation Moto X (marketed as moto X) is an Android smartphone developed by Motorola Mobility. Released on September 5, 2014, it is the successor to the original Moto X released in 2013. Model numbers XT1097, XT1096, XT1095, and XT 1093.

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How do I repair the micro usb charging port.

2 of the pins on my moto X 2nd gen have broken off and now the phone will not charge. I have searched all over and only found teardown videos. does anyone know what this part is called, where to purchase it, perhaps the part number or better yet a full list of part numbers for the 2nd gen, and maybe a written teardown.

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Sam Sqwanch, that is your micro USB charging port. It is available at places like this. It is soldered to the board and will require some good tools and skills to replace it. Check the guides on here and here is a decent video Different model same idea....

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Ahh okay, Thank you very much for the info oldturkey. I guess I will have to look through the guides and watch the video but now I think I will need to have a friend do the soldering, not sure I trust myself with a $300 phone. But now at least I can order the parts and should be able to get it fixed faster than sending it back to motorola. Do you know by chance if the wireless charging film works with this phone?


Sam Sqwanch, sorry not sure about the charging film. You could always try and see....:-)


Similar issue is there another video?


I'm a Newbe, so maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but clicking on "decent video" only takes me to sites selling the parts. No "How To" video.


I purchased the unit for just $2-$3 Canadian, but having trouble finding someone who is able to do it, because its not easy to do.


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